Take advantage of Best Locksmith Orlando commercial locksmith Orlando services and you will see that we are one of the best locksmith companies in town.

We will assist you with your locksmith problems. So we’ll repair, replace or install any kind of locks, perform key extractions, emergency lockout, rekey, key duplication. Our comprehensive locksmith service covers all manner of lock issues. From broken keys in lock barrels, replacement locks after a break in, or simply upgrading your locks to the best and most up to date security locks around. So, we will ensure maximum security for you and your investments.

Not only do we offer affordable rates that the competitors can’t compete with, but also our techs are among some of the best trained in the industry. We have the equipment and our locksmiths are ready to face any problem that you’re having with your locks. Read this and you will understand why we should be your first choice. Also, you will learn more about our commercial locksmith services in Orlando.

Emergency Lockout

An emergency lockout, when it comes to a commercial unit where you work or have your money invest in, can be a real pickle. This could completely stop your productive day and delay you in your diligences. However, Best Locksmith | Locksmith Orlando Commercial Service knows exactly how to deal with this types of situations.

The most important thing in this type of circumstances is to have a great expert that knows how to handle the different classes of locks there are. You must know that the locks and security in a commercial unit are different than at home. Most of the times, the type of door or its mechanism to keep it close are more secure or more difficult to open. This is precisely to avoid a break in, robbery or even a misunderstanding with an employee. So, that is why an emergency lockout in a commercial must be treated with a lot of care.

We are definitely a well-trained, reliable and confident in what we do company that is prepared with the accurate equipment you will need. It doesn’t matter what type of lock you may have if you are in Orlando and have an emergency lockout, don’t doubt and ask for our service. This delicate situations are better solve with an expert.

Lock upgrade, replacement, repair or installation

We will treat your locks at work with the same care that we would at home. But we will be ready to do it in a more industrial way if it is necessary. Our company is capable of change, replace, repair or install one lock as well as several, at the same time.  

Best Locksmith | Locksmith Orlando Commercial Service can deal with locks in a more massive way. That means that we can change, replace, repair or install locks for a hall building if needed. Better than that, we can install or repair any access control door system. We also provide a master key service, which means that we are able to make more than one door function with the same key. 

We can work with any type of lock whether you are in an office, shop, storage unit or commercial building. It doesn’t matter the size, operation system and level of security of them, our local team of locksmiths can assist you. We can work with multilocks, deadbolt, high security locks, padlocks, pad-locks, knob lock, mortise locks, lever handle locks, cam locks, and many others. If you live in Orlando and you have an emergency or you just need a routine intervention, give us a call.

Rekeying a Cylinder

Locks in commercial units are usually re keyed to build master-key systems, make a set of locks share a common key, or to eliminate compromised keys.

 To understand better the mechanism there are a few things that you must know. For example, a shear-line is the thin line shared by the lock plug and its cylindrical housing. If a pin sits flush with the circumference of the plug, it will allow lock rotation. Lock cylinders use different length pins in different combinations to create relatively unique key bitting. Most keys have 5 cuts from bow to top. If a key has 5 cuts, the lock has 5 pins. Different brand locks vary in many small ways, this is most true when servicing them. So it is important to know exactly the type of key and brand to work with them.

The rekey of a lock is the action of changing the order or length of the pins within the cylinder, so the same lock works with a different key. This can be done for any kind of lock. So it is a job that can be done in a house or in a commercial unit. The main difference between this two is that in the industry, in the professional environment, the rekey is mainly use to create a master key system. That means that you could have a specific key for each door but at the same time one master key that opens them all. This can be very useful for a boss or for a security guard.

In Best Locksmith | Locksmith Orlando Commercial Service we offer you the best rekeying service with our well prepared experts. So don’t doubt and contact us, we are the perfect locksmith company in Orlando to help you.

Key cutting and duplication

It is often necessary to have a professional locksmith with commercial experience to resolve lock problems. Commercial customers demand higher levels of attention and professional expertise. As well as a completely dedicated range of material and equipment. Our team at Best Locksmith Orlando has a remarkable track record of successful commercial projects and interventions. Commercial buildings, storage companies and small business owners are among the many happy clients that we have served.

We have thousands of different blank keys in stock ready to be cut or duplicate according to your needs. This means, regardless of shape, size or quantity, we have the system needed. We will make sure you walk out with the perfectly cut key every single time. Therefore, we have the specialized equipment ready waiting for you.

Best Locksmith has earned its reputation for fast, reliable and astounding friendly service. Don’t take our word for it. Go see what others have stated about us on Yelp and Google and call us now for any locksmith service in Orlando.


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